Monday, February 6, 2012

Punxsutawney Phil and Madi!

Thursday was Groundhog Day, such an overlooked little holiday.  Not in our household though, since my sweet firstborn arrived on Groundhog Day exactly 11 years ago!  She still has grandparents call to ask if she saw her shadow.  Of course, now she's very mature and rolls her eyes at such silliness.  But in honor of the two most famous groundhogs I've ever heard of, my little group of sweeties and I did some lovely groundhog activities last week.

We did some nonfiction fact gathering and writing.  Did you know a groundhog and a woodchuck were the same thing?  I did NOT!  Ya' learn something new every day.  Or at least once a week. :)

We also read a cute little fiction story "Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather." 

It was a hit, and just perfect for our skill this week:  character, setting, and plot.  We made these cute little burrows with Phil's or Geoffrey's (or Madi's) head popping up to look around.  They worked quite nicely to display our information from our story.

  The template I made for our character/setting/plot headings would be great to use for any story when you need to find those three biggies.

You can grab it for free right here!

Have a great week ya'll!!

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