Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frankie Says Relax!

Okay 80's fans, we were given the task at school this week to decorate our classroom door for Red Ribbon Week, aka-say no to drugs.  I had seen these super cute Frankie Frankensteins on Deana Jump's blog (love it!), and while racking my brain for something clever and cute, an entire decade popped into my head.  Frankie Goes to Hollywood started singing, and I could see all those really unflattering "Frankie Says Relax!" tshirts walking around.  Of course, in a room full of 20 6-year olds, I launched into giggling hysterics.  I was convinced I was officially the absolute funniest person on the planet and everyone would literally fall out laughing the moment they saw the door I was about to create.  Fast forward half a morning, we've 'borrowed' those previously mentioned cute Frankies, and I'm anxiously awaiting my first passers-by.  Hmmm, a couple of "oh how cute" comments..."awww, Frankensteins"...really?!  Come on people, this is seriously funny stuff!  Finally, a laugh like I've been waiting for, from a teacher around my age.  We discussed the poor sad folks who just don't see how funny I really am, and realized, ohhhhhhhh, you really have to be somewhere near mid-30's to get it.  So, track down all mid-30's teachers, and yep, I'm right, it IS hilarious!  So now half of my building thinks I've got real cute Frankensteins with a slogan that doesn't make any sense, and the other half see me for the comic genius I really am!  
*disclaimer* My 20-something brother got it too, but because he's seen Zoolander so many times. He gets partial credit for that one!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

wrappin' up our spider unit

We finished our study of spiders this week with some spider facts and a crafty little spider to go with it.  I let them watch as I made mine.  Their only instructions were to make a circle, an oval, and 16 leg pieces. (We also learned about adding doubles this week, so we used that to figure out how many pieces we'd need for 8 legs if each leg needed two...pretty tricky!)  Now I must warn you, when we're writing I DO NOT correct their spelling.  We have spelling lessons and tests, but during writing I don't want their process impeded by stress about spelling.  They sound their words out with every confidence that if they at least get a few letters right, I'll know exactly what it says.  That being said...
my example

one of my sweeties' versions

and another (my favorite - looks like a spider in my house after I stomped on it!)

- Beth

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And teacher friends, here's the long a word sort I made for this week.  We're learning all about spiders this week, so it's appropriately themed!  :)

Hello blog!

Hi there bloggy world!  After months of prowling all the wonderful blogs out there, I decided to just jump.  I've always loved writing anything and everything but been terrified to let anyone actually see anything I've penned.  My amazing sister-in-law has given me some motivation and inspiration to get off of my authoring tushy and get going.  She's a professional writer...I'm not.  I'm a professional teacher who thinks, "oh that'd be fun."  But who knows, maybe she'll decide to teach as a hobby one day.  She could totally do it, in multiple languages, if the mood ever struck.

So anyway, this will be my rambling little blog about school stuff, home stuff, and my apprehensive dive into writing where people can see it.  If you're not a teacher, and see a post with long a spider web activities (that's coming), just ignore.  If you are a teacher and see a post about potty training...well, it might apply to Kindergarten.

Lots o Love