Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello blog!

Hi there bloggy world!  After months of prowling all the wonderful blogs out there, I decided to just jump.  I've always loved writing anything and everything but been terrified to let anyone actually see anything I've penned.  My amazing sister-in-law has given me some motivation and inspiration to get off of my authoring tushy and get going.  She's a professional writer...I'm not.  I'm a professional teacher who thinks, "oh that'd be fun."  But who knows, maybe she'll decide to teach as a hobby one day.  She could totally do it, in multiple languages, if the mood ever struck.

So anyway, this will be my rambling little blog about school stuff, home stuff, and my apprehensive dive into writing where people can see it.  If you're not a teacher, and see a post with long a spider web activities (that's coming), just ignore.  If you are a teacher and see a post about potty training...well, it might apply to Kindergarten.

Lots o Love


  1. Love, Love, Love it! Congrats on your very 1st blog post!
    Remember when we didn't even know what a blog was :)


  2. Aw you're making me blush. It's looking good! :)