Thursday, October 13, 2011

wrappin' up our spider unit

We finished our study of spiders this week with some spider facts and a crafty little spider to go with it.  I let them watch as I made mine.  Their only instructions were to make a circle, an oval, and 16 leg pieces. (We also learned about adding doubles this week, so we used that to figure out how many pieces we'd need for 8 legs if each leg needed two...pretty tricky!)  Now I must warn you, when we're writing I DO NOT correct their spelling.  We have spelling lessons and tests, but during writing I don't want their process impeded by stress about spelling.  They sound their words out with every confidence that if they at least get a few letters right, I'll know exactly what it says.  That being said...
my example

one of my sweeties' versions

and another (my favorite - looks like a spider in my house after I stomped on it!)

- Beth

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