Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back To Class

Well after all the excitement/injuries of the weekend, we're back up and running!  Ha!  That was funny because I actually made it to the park to get in some running yesterday.  Now that, too, is really funny because there was WAY more walking involved than running, but I went.  That's what counts, right?

So anywho...a couple of weeks ago we actually had a few snowflakes fall from the sky.  In honor of our favorite kind of weather, we did a little impromptu graphic organizer and whipped out a sweet little writing/craftivity about snow. 

Here's out little bit of fact gathering, and no, my classroom is not crooked!  It's hanging toward the end of my clothesline where it arcs up toward the ceiling. :)

And just a few samples of what my sweeties put together.  They totally remind me of the page about snow in "The Important Book" by Margaret Wise Brown.

We have seen not a single snowflake since then, and today I was outside without a jacket.  It's been irritatingly warm.  I would like to enjoy it, but I can just sense the crazy cold front we've got to have coming any day now.

But on to math, we've been working with fact families, so we threw in a quick little craft today to make fact family houses.  Some of them would have spent half an hour decorating these, but I'm afraid I had to call time and move on. :( 

We've also been doing some work from Deana Jump's Arctic Animals unit.  We'll be wrapping that up this week.  Pictures will follow!!  Have a great hump day tomorrow!

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