Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow! I've been gone too long!

Well I suppose there is indeed a silver lining to every dark cloud.  I was going about my lovely Saturday, ya' know, letting the hubs cook breakfast...watching Sponge Bob with the munchkins...taking Brady-man to the potty.  That last one was what got me.  I must really be getting old, because while bending over to help little man pull up his Thomas undies, I threw my back out.  That's right people, there's you mental image for the day.  Me sitting in the bathroom floor yelling for help while Brady stands over me with undies around his ankles, "Mommyyyy...pull my undies up!  Whassa matta wif you?"  

So, Madi took Brady to play, I drug myself off the floor, and sweet hubby fixed me up with some Aleve, a heating pad, and a laptop.  That silver lining I mentioned?  Since I can't do anything remotely constructive today, I've uploaded my first items to my very own TPT store (click here for my lovely two free preview items!), changed the look of my long-abandoned blog, made a new post (yep, you're reading it), and finished all kinds of lesson plans!

Unfortunately, today was the day I planned to re-enter the world of wannabe runners.  I had been putting it off far too long, as my hiney could attest, and was all set and ready to go during nap time today.  Alas, we are postponed once more.   Hmmm, not too sure if that's a loss or more of that silver lining.

Now, hopefully not to depress you all too much, a local young lady named Avery was tragically injured during a practice session just days after their first competitive meet this season.  She belongs to a gym that often competes with Madi's and has known many of Madi's teammates for years.  She is currently paralyzed below the pelvis and is looking at lots of recovery.  You can check out her story here to offer your support and prayers.  

Now cheer up!  I wish you all your own silver linings today, and failing that, lots of laziness!


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