Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hooray!  Can you frame your first virtual dollar?  After posting about putting some freebies on my new TPT store yesterday, I actually finished a forest critter/Valentine's Day themed pack of literacy activities.  I added that to my store last night.  Woke this morning to find I had sold ONE!  I have officially made my first $2.70!!  Don't laugh, I'm thrilled!  I had put off selling my wares online for quite a while because I assumed with all the awesome stuff already out there, no one would ever make their way to my page.  Well ONE person did!  So to whomever my mystery buyer is, you've made my day.

In honor of that wonderful purchase, I'll add a little math freebie to coordinate with my mini-unit.  You can pick up Forest Friends - A Balanced Literacy Unit right here
You could be lucky buyer number know you want to.  :)

And  here's the freebie...a little counting by two's.

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