Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What A Trip!

Wow!  I should definitely go out of town more often.  The fam and I were in Baton Rouge and New Orleans for our last weekend of gymnastics for this season.  We had a great time, took my sweet daughter for beignets for breakfast at Cafe Du Monde, and found the perfect gift for my mother's birthday in the French Market.  Loved it!  Then when we finally made it home, I checked my email, and OH MY GOSH!   I found that my number of followers had completely doubled, I had some wonderfully sweet and encouraging comments from some of those followers, and had been given the Lovely Blog award by two new friends!  I've just been typing away on this little 'ol blog, but honestly assumed I was mostly entertaining myself and not really reaching anyone to share my classroom activities and such.  It feels amazing to know that there are now 14 dear friends out there who are looking in to see if they can use anything I've done in my classroom.  (Well, actually, one of those followers is my sweet hubby who works in IT.  He's not looking for classroom ideas, but, bless him, he reads it anyway!)

So...thank you very much to Vicky at Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After and Andrea at Cheers to School for giving me the Lovely Blog Award!  I promise to pass it along just as soon as I get all caught up.

Thanks VERY much to Amy at The Resource(ful) Room for adding me to the new blog linky party at set the circus down!  It's my first linky party, and I didn't even have to do anything!

Thank you to ALL of my new followers.  And to celebrate, how about a St. Patrick's Day freebie?  We're out next week for Spring Break, (woot, woot!) so we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day this week.  Last year, the aforementioned sweet hubs spray painted some beans gold for an activity I used in Kindergarten.  Well I dug out those little bits 'o gold today for some measuring with non-standards units.  If you're using enVision Math, we're on Topic 14, and following the 2nd lesson up with this activity.  If you're not, well it meets CCSS too. 

The kiddos used their pieces of gold, that of course I got from a Leprechaun I met, to measure items around the classroom.  They were in groups of three and traveled from object to object as they finished.  If you'd like the recording sheet we used, you can get it here.  I'm leaving in it word so you can change items as needed.  Have a super Wednesday, all!


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  1. Thanks for the measurement freebie! I love that you made it editable. I'm following you! :)